depth gauge submerged in River Thames surrounded by ducks

Maidenhead, Berkshire: A Day Trip from Malmesbury

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Last September, we went to Maidenhead to attend to some paper works. It’s far from Malmesbury so we’ve decided to go through some landmarks during our trip to maximize our time there. We went to Maidenhead by riding a bus to Swindon and a train through the Great Western Railway. The bus ride from Malmesbury to Swindon is about 45 minutes. The train ride is I think 50 minutes with a transfer at Reading station. We booked our GWR super off peak tickets online.

To be honest, I haven’t heard of Maidenhead before so we didn’t know what to see there. It was an unplanned exploration which made it much more fun!

The Sounding Arch

This railway bridge was built in 1983 and its brick arches are the widest and flattest in the world. You can make echos under the bridge that is why it was named that way. I wanted to do a quick concert because the reverb was awesome but was too shy as it was a public road and anyone can pass through haha. Even birds’ quacks echo there!

woman in pink holding a jacket with the sounding arch behind her

Maidenhead Bridge

The Maidenhead Bridge sits in parallel with The Sounding Arch which also cuts across the River Thames.

ducks on the river near maidenhead bridge

I noticed a depth gauge board in the river and found out that a flood happened in 1947 through the tablet installed in the bridge by the Borough of Maidenhead.

Ada Lewis Memorial Fountain

After crossing the Maidenhead Bridge, it led us to the Bridge Gardens where we found this memorial. The memorial fountain was originally built in 1908 in memory of Ada Lewis who helped a lot of charities during her time.

memorial fountain the middle of a park built in memory of Ada Lewis

Maidenhead Jubilee Clock

jubilee clock tower in the afternoon

The clock is supposed to be the first thing to see when you get off Maidenhead Station but it wasn’t the case for us lol. It must be because there was construction going on site so we didn’t see it right away. Would have been nice to see it during noon or morning.

It was a nice town visit. If given the chance, I would love to explore more especially the fresh produce market at High Street. 🙂

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