Writing Letters Home – Lifestyle & Living Abroad Blog

Hi, my name is Tin! It was May 2019 when I decided to leave my family, friends, and IT career in the Philippines to live abroad with my husband in the United Kingdom. My husband flew to the UK for work three weeks after our wedding. Three months later, I followed and joined the living abroad team.

We live in what people call a market town located atop a perfect flat hill in Wiltshire called Malmesbury. Malmesbury is a lovely, quiet town with really nice people. It was and still is a delight to explore, especially when people are out walking their dogs, which is why I created Writing Letters Home.

Why Writing Letters Home?

I’ve always loved the idea of snail mail and the experience of receiving letters from someone far away. Writing Letters Home is my way to “write that snail mail.” It’s my way to share how it is to live a life away from your family and friends. I hope my readers will find comfort and support in reading my experiences and learn something new. Apart from this, may this inspire others to reminisce, share, and cherish a little bit of their hometown wherever they are right now.

More About Me

I was born and raised in the Philippines and I’m currently living with my husband overseas. I love writing ever since I was a teenager. My undergraduate studies could’ve been a creative course but it did not happen. My education and career progressed towards Information Technology however, my career path did not diminish my love for writing and at the same time telling stories. What better way to put them to good use but to blog, right? 🙂

Apart from writing, I also love music, books, good food, exploring recipes, and traveling. If you want to connect, please do send me an email. Even better, drop me a message and let’s chat through Facebook and Instagram! See you around. 🙂