industrial lights hanging at Sammy's Restaurant during nightime

Cainta’s Hidden Gem: Sammy’s Restaurant

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We stumbled upon Sammy’s Restaurant through Facebook and was intrigued that they serve Indonesian food. The owners converted a section of their residential home to a small restaurant. They can accommodate at most twenty people which is perfect for an intimate dining experience. Three of my friends decided to go and visit the place. I live near the place and just found out about it in a Facebook post. The restaurant requires a table reservation where we did through Facebook messenger. Also, they required us to pre-order which was really convenient. Because of it, we didn’t have to wait much for cooking time.

Restaurant interiors

Sammy’s Restaurant really is made for date nights. The restaurant interior boasts of industrial and rustic feels. The only indication that it’s a section of a residential home is the gate where you’ll enter.

We were the only customers that night probably because it was raining so hard. It turned out to be good as we had the whole place to ourselves to do a photo shoot. Portrait photos were taken by my friend Janro Santos. Check out his Instagram feed for awesome nature, landscape, and architecture photography.

Awesome food and wine

Food was delicious and mid priced. I personally enjoyed the Creamy Chicken Linguine because I’m a chicken girl. My husband always jokes that I’ll probably grow wings anytime soon. 😀

Sammy's Restaurant Creamy Chicken Linguine

Apart from the linguine, the Indonesian Beef Konro was also superb. I did a quick Google search and found out that this its braised beef. Beef serving is already for two unless you are super hungry.

Sammy's Restaurant Indonesia beef konro with rice

We also ordered the 5-Hour Pork Belly with Sinilog (P250). I think the pork belly serving was small but it was very tender and flavorful.

five hour roasted pork belly with side salad, sunny side up, and sinilog rice

Lastly, we ordered Roast Chicken Rice served with Soup, Ginger Garlic Oil & Kecap Manis (P290). It’s another chicken dish that to me tastes like Hainanese style cooking because of the dips. The soup served with it seems similar to a Filipino dish called Tinola. The difference is that the chicken was roasted.

We were serenaded by Sammy, the chef, during dessert. He sang two songs for us which I posted via Instagram Live that night. My husband and another friend were the two people who patiently watched that video. Dessert was gone immediately so I don’t have pictures! LOL. But we ordered Mango Crepes with Vanila Sauce and Chocolate Brownies with Vanilla Ice Cream. We ended the night with wine.

If you decide to give Sammy’s Restaurant a try, I do recommend the Indonesian Beef Konro and the Creamy Chicken Linguine. You’ll never go wrong with those two dishes! You can check out other restaurants I visited here.

It was a good night! One of the things I’ll definitely miss when I leave the Philippines are the dine outs with friends. Cheers to the weekend!

Sammy’s Restaurant
For reservation and accepts cash only
Valley View Executive Subdivision Phase 3, Cainta Rizal

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