DIY Christmas Decor for Home Renters

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If you are renting and you don’t want to invest in Christmas decorations, a DIY Christmas decor is for you. As most starting families, renting is our best option at the moment add to the fact that we moved countries as well. Because we see this as a temporary house, we didn’t want to invest on big trees, specific house room decors, and even Christmas lights. That doesn’t mean we won’t have decors though. I still wanted to do a little decorating since it’s gonna be our first Christmas together. That’s why I decided to do a DIY one which I found on Pinterest. I’ve been collecting tissue cardboard tubes since September you’d think I’ll be going to the junk shop with them. Last week, I finally started my DIY Christmas decor project.

Materials used

I bought PVC glue, art brushes, and metallic acrylic paint for £1 each at Poundstretcher. The green acrylic paint is £1.60 which I bought from Wilko. Lastly, I collected a good amount tissue cardboard tubes which I forgot to take pictures of. 😀

What went wrong

The metallic paint is translucent unless I build it up so I decided to layer it on top of the green one. Not really seen from afar, just up close.

five tissue cardboard tubes painted in green and metallic red

I’ve cut the tubes to four parts and assembled a 5 petal flower using the PVC glue. Unfortunately, I accidentally made it into a triangle instead of a circle. LOL. Husband suggested to make it a tree while I was worrying about it being a triangle. I think that’s where we complement each other because I am neurotic and my husband is assuring. It’s my year’s best example of “When life gives you lemons, make lemonades.”

Final look

I used a yarn to have it hanging on our kitchen door. I got the short tinsel and the bells with mistletoe at a Charity shop near here for 50p each. It’s not bad for a DIY Christmas decor, right? I’m happy how it turned out and how I was able to re-purpose the tissue tubes.

We’re keeping this until the Christ the King feast which will be on the second Sunday of January. Did you do some DIY projects for Christmas? 🙂

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