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Exploring Our New Home: Malmesbury

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Two weeks in and I think I now know my way around the important places around Malmesbury. We live along High Street which we think is the best location because of accessibility to shops, restaurants, and bus stations. High Streets in United Kingdom are the primary streets for commercial businesses in a town. You’ll find towns with their own High Streets and will be preceded by the town’s name to distinguish it from others. In our case, this is Malmesbury High Street.

Because it’s a primary street, you’ll always hear cars driving along the road. It isn’t much of a bother because the town is mostly quiet after 6PM. Apart from that, our windows are always closed to prevent the cold wind from coming in. We’re nearing autumn and I now sleep wearing socks. 😀 Streets are narrow with just two lanes and locals drive really fast. It’s also a right hand drive here which is the opposite of what we’re used to in the Philippines. I have to look both ways before crossing.

Malmesbury Market Cross

Malmesbury Market Cross

At the top of High Street is the Malmesbury Market Cross. Every Friday, fresh produce are sold there from 9:00 am until 3:00 pm. At it’s right is Leonard Walker Family Butcher, the nearest butcher shop from our house.

Malmesbury Abbey

12th Century Malmesbury Abbey Church during the morning

We pass by the 12th century Abbey Church towards the big supermarket during grocery days. I haven’t been inside the abbey yet but I love how it lights up at night. At the front of the abbey is an old cemetery. During sunny days, Britons love to chill on the cemetery grounds which to me seems a bit odd because… why would you do that? But it’s a usual sight here and the grounds serve as a park as well.

Abbey House Gardens

Beside the Abbey is the Abbey House Gardens. It’s also a main tourist attraction of Malmesbury which covers 5 acres of land. It must be really pretty during spring time.

My husband calls the street between the Abbey House Gardens and the Abbey Church “the scenic route.” It’s a route that cuts across the River Avon and definitely provides a scenic route with trees and birds chirping around. The route leads down to a staircase where I took photos of these beautiful flowers.

There are a lot of flowers around Malmesbury. I really love them because they’re vibrant and they don’t have a strong fragrance. My nose says thanks to that. 😀

Brick Houses

I’m fascinated of bricks and I actually dreamed of having a brick wall in the bedroom when I was a kid. So when I got here, I can’t stop taking photos. Below is the view from our attic window.

A friend actually commented that it look like a ghost town. The night photos were taken last Saturday at 8:30 PM and everyone’s in a pub except for us lol. It’s a quiet town which gets busy on weekdays. My husband and I were actually talking about how nice it is to live in the suburbs. We prefer it from the city because life is more quiet and there’s not much pressure. Although we already live in the busiest part of Malmesbury, it doesn’t feel like the usual hustle and bustle of the city. We get to enjoy our Friday Netflix nights.

Malmesbury High Street houses at night

Malmesbury is a very unpretentious and friendly town, while absolutely steeped in history,” says Peter Sharvell of Strutt & Parker Cirencester

I totally agree with how Malmesbury was described, it was like putting words in my mouth. 😀 Hope I gave you enough glimpse of the town. 🙂

Wanna see more of this town? Check out my YouTube video below for a virtual tour!

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