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Fish and Chips by Delicious Fish & Chip Shop

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My husband and I talked about British food before he left for the UK. Being used to the Asian cuisine, I expect food to be always seasoned strongly for lack of a better term. If you look up British meals, most people would say it’s bland. We researched online for British staple dishes and found fish and chips. You see, our first date was at Fish & Co. restaurant where we discovered our love for beer battered fish. Since then, we ordered fish and chips in restaurants we dine in if it’s part of their menu. He was happy that it’s a staple and now, he’s obsessed with vinegar because of it.

Fast forward to August 2019, my arrival in Malmesbury, my husband toured me around town and pointed me all of the take away places that saved his dinner nights. Since he loves fish and chips, one of them was the Delicious Fish & Chip Shop located at Cross Hayes Ln.

This shop is often full with lots of locals ordering chips only with salt and vinegar. We believe it’s their comfort food. British vinegar isn’t too sour like the ones we use back home. Although you can’t use it for Adobo because of the distinct malt taste, it’s perfect with chips along with salt. My husband loves giving his chips a vinegar bath. I, on the other hand, sometimes still eat my chips with ketchup. I also prefer to order a small cod only when I’m full and steal chips from my husband’s plate. Here’s a photo of a single order of this local staple.

fish and chips on a plate

British servings are humongous. In Filipino, we use the phrase “parang wala nang bukas” to describe excessive amount of anything. The phrase translates to serving size “like there’s no tomorrow.” =)) Seriously, most of the time I can’t finish the chips, which by the way are fries to me. I listed some British English words that are different to the American English here. I totally forgot to include in the list that CHIPS are FRIES and CHIPS are CRISPS in UK. 🤷‍♀️ It takes a bit of time getting used to but I can say we are now experts on ordering chips versus crisps. =))

Unfortunately, shop is closed because of the lockdown. I actually miss having fish and chips for Friday dinner. I am definitely looking forward for the shop to open again. It’s nice to reminisce while eating our favorite date food. <3

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