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New Normal Grocery Routine: Shop & Sanitize

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Everybody has a basic grocery routine. Ever since the pandemic, our basic routine evolved into a more complex one because of changes in our cleaning & sanitizing practices. This is why it’s important for us to have a planned grocery run. We’ve been doing this since the lock down started and now that the UK government is easing the restrictions, I still think that this grocery routine should continue. I’ve applied this routine based on the Grocery Shopping Tips in Covid-19 video by Dr. Jeffrey VanWingen. Here’s a list of what we are doing right now:

writing a list on a piece of paper over a black notebook

Make lists as part of the grocery routine

I’m still not consistent here but I do this 80% of the time. I write it on paper because making lists and writing are therapeutic to me. I usually list the items based on the grocery layout so that my husband or I can pick the items right away. We’ve been grocery shopping at the same store we already have a photographic memory of the layout. Also, the grocery store implemented a one way system. It’s best to be able to get things fast so that the person behind you can move as well.

Set up a “To Sanitize” station

I’ve put boxes near our entrance door so that we can remove everything we used when we went outside. The plastic basin is where we put non clothing stuff like cellphones, keys, cards, eye glasses, and coins. I used a plastic basin so that I can spray alcohol to it. The basin gets cleaned with soap and water afterwards. The box beside it is where out clothing goes. Our entrance door is near the washer so it’s easy to chuck the clothes in.

grocery routine where groceries are placed on top of a wooden table to be sanitized

Sanitize groceries

I use two, a disinfecting electrolysed water and antibacterial wipes. I was previously using antibacterial spray but I’ve finally got my hands on wipes which is easier to use. The electrolysed water is sprayed on the items and then wiped with the antibacterials wipes. I avoid spraying on food directly if they do not have plastic packaging. If they do have paper or carton packaging, I discard that and transfer the contents if needed. These are things like cereal and eggs.

I made video of how we do things at home so you can watch it here. The video shows my quick grocery shopping run, a view of the guidelines in Malmesbury town to help people continue social distancing, and our home sanitizing practices. Hope this gives you tips on how to implement or improve your own.

Were restrictions eased where you are? What routine changes has this pandemic introduced to your daily life? Do you practice a sanitizing routine after doing your grocery shopping? Let me know in the comments below! 🙂

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