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Online Baking Session: A New Normal?

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I’ve been wanting to do proper pastry baking and an online baking session made that happen. Ylen, a friend who’s been here in the UK for 3 years, has started baking when they moved. She’s our resident baker of the recently popular Ube Cheese Pandesal and other yummy treats. Because of the pandemic, we haven’t seen each other through usual get-together so we’ve decided to do the session virtually. Luck, another friend, and Celine, Ylen’s daughter joined us.

The original recipe, which I won’t be able to share, is in grams but since I am a beginner baker, I didn’t want to invest on a baking scale yet. I tried to convert the recipe to cups since those were what I had on hand. Although I am not 100% sure that they’re correct, I still used it during the session. I also tweaked the ratio of the chocolates because the husband doesn’t like dark chocolate. He’s rather picky on some things and that has been proven because I made banana bread that doesn’t taste much like bananas. =))

chocolate and walnut oatmeal cookies prepared ingredients and tools

The ingredients used during our online baking session are the usual cookie recipe ingredients. Probably the type of chocolates and walnuts made it different. I noticed that my walnuts are big and I should have made them smaller. For the chocolates, I used a mix of dark chocolates and white chocolates. The sugar is also a mix of white and light brown sugar.

Honestly, I like baking but the amount of sugar in each recipe puts me off! I guess the guilt is greater when you made it and you know how much sugar is there. =)) It was really fun though and this online baking session just proves that you can start baking even without the fancy tools. The mixing part just makes it extra challenging. 😉

I’m not surprised why people are moving to online classes or online gatherings. It’s already part of the new normal and I’m getting used to that being on lockdown for two months. It’s not just “let’s chat online” anymore, it’s also “let’s do something together online.” How about you, what activities have you done with your friends online?

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