Abbey House Gardens entrance gate on a sunny afternoon

The Abbey House Gardens, Malmesbury

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UK has eased restrictions so the first thing we did was go out and visit the Abbey House Gardens. It’s a 5 acre land located at Malmesbury Wiltshire. The first time we went there was autumn and I don’t think it was a good time to visit because the plants are about to shed. I do believe that the garden is beautiful during the spring and summer months but since covid happened, they were not able to open earlier in spring.

When we arrived, it was an hour away from closing and we had the best experience. In a vast expanse of land, there were only four guests including me and my husband. There were a handful of gardeners working as well but they were so far from where we usually are. I love exploring places without the crowd. Here’s a silent vlog of our leisure walk at the Abbey House Gardens. Hope you enjoy! 🙂

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