The Birdcage restaurant at night time

The Birdcage – Our Pizza and Pasta Fix

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I love pasta! Not so much with pizza but I do indulge once in a while. We passed by The Birdcage while exploring Malmesbury the second day I arrived. It’s located at the corner of High St. and Oxford St. near the Market Cross. The quirky sign and bird cage displays will outright tell you that it is indeed the place. Come to think of it, I never knew why they call it The Birdcage but this restaurant became our go to pizza and pasta fix. Last March, just before the announcement of UK’s lock down, husband got a take away from them for two pizzas. They only have pizzas on their take away menu and have a Sunday promo of 2 for ยฃ16. We love a good deal. ๐Ÿ‘

Date night feels…

We visited the place during dinner time. It had dimly lit interiors and birdcage inspired decorations. Perfect for date nights! I love that their decor matches the restaurant name. It’s also the first restaurant that I saw using black serviettes. It goes well with the table setting but honestly, I like them white. It shows me if they’re dirty or not. ๐Ÿ˜€

Pizza and Pasta cravings satisfied!

Our first visit led us to ordering white sauce pasta and caramelized onions on pizza. We usually have one white and one red sauce to avoid overwhelming our taste buds of the same flavor. In the Philippines, we call this “umay” and it’s usually followed by finding dessert to reset your taste buds. It’s like smelling coffee beans when you’re doing multiple perfume smell test.

We loved both dishes but the pizza needs to be eaten hot especially if you ordered take away. Ingram Street pasta has spinach, red onions, and goat’s cheese. I don’t like taste and texture of soggy and slimy spinach. The goat’s cheese is heavenly. St. Joseph’s pasta is also yummy and the creaminess is not overpowering.

plated St. Joseph's pasta in white sauce topped with basil leaves from The Birdcage
Ingram Street pizza with spinach, red onions, and goats cheese from The Birdcage

The second time we visited, we discovered our favorites! I donโ€™t like BBQ sauce but on the William Stumpe pizza it was caramelized and crispy which is a winner for me. Drop peppers on the Aubrey Rise pasta adds a different flavor to a pesto based sauce along with the rockets. My husband doesnโ€™t like them but I do! They burst once you chew them inside your mouth. ๐Ÿ˜

Aubrey Rise pasta in pesto sauce topped with rocket salad and drop peppers from The Birdcage
Drop pepper close up on a fork
William Stumpe pizza with barbecue sauce and egg from The Birdcage

We visited this restaurant multiple times and we are still ordering the same things. =)) It seems weird but we really found our favorites. I can’t stress more that you should try Aubrey Rise pasta and William Stumpe pizza. The Birdcage is still closed at the moment but the UK government is slowly easing down lock down guidelines. Hopefully they open again for take away since I know a dine in would be too early still. There are just a handful of restaurants here in Malmesbury and The Birdcage will always be our go to for our pizza and pasta fix. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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